Paskelbta: 2019-07-10

Peržiūrėta: 77

UAB „BitDegree“ (Kaunas)

Content Writer

BitDegree is an online educational platform that focuses on teaching digital skills. BitDegree uses blockchain technology to record educational achievements and enable anyone to issue cryptocurrency based scholarships to the learners.

Darbo pobūdis:
*Write super clear, informal but informative content that explains how to apply theory in practice
*Optimize content for SEO purposes;
*Follow specific writing guidelines and ensure all-around consistency
*Research web development-related topics, analyze coding theory available online
*Proofread all content before publishing and take full responsibility for its quality

*Text editing or translating experience (academic credits, online certificates count too)
*Full professional proficiency in English
*Talent to express complex ideas in simple and clear constructions
*Capability to work in a dynamic environment while keeping your process in the structure
*Analytical and attentive personality

Mes jums siūlome:
*You will be part of an extraordinary long term project – an online education platform
*The culture of really high standards and fast-paced learning environment
*Your next step will be a content editor!
*Freedom and responsibility to think of solutions, not just do what you are told
*Anything needed for your fast development: global workstations, world’s best conferences, relevant training courses, books, team building activities, and workshops

Working hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 18:00

Kandidatuokite čia:

500–700 Eur atskaičiavus mokesčius

Prašome užpildyti visus laukus.

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