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Financial Analyst

Girteka Logistics – Europoje lyderiaujanti transporto ir logistikos kompanija, kurios sėkmės pagrindas yra 18.000+ žmonių komanda, dirbančių vadovaujantis LEAN vadybos metodika, nuolat tobulėjančių ir kasdien prisidedančių prie organizacijos nuoseklaus augimo. Tiesiogiai dirbdami su žinomiausiais pasaulyje prekės ženklais, rūpinamės kokybišku pervežimo procesu remdamiesi naujausiomis technologijomis, o mūsų pastangos buvo įvertintos Financial Times. Šiandien mes – vienas iš sparčiausiai augančių darbdavių Lietuvoje ir neketiname sustoti. Todėl esame parengę gausybę darbo pasiūlymų tiek profesionalams, tiek tik pradedantiems savo karjerą.

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We are looking for a Financial Analyst to provide accurate and data based information on company’s profitability, solvency, stability and liquidity. You will research and analyze financial information to help company make well informed decisions, write reports and monitor financial movements.


- Consolidate and analyze financial data (budgets, income statement forecasts etc) taking into account company’s goals and financial standing
- Provide creative alternatives and recommendations to reduce costs and improve financial performance
- Assemble and summarize data to structure sophisticated reports on financial status and risks
- Develop financial models, conduct benchmarking and process analysis
- Conduct business studies on past, future and comparative performance and develop forecast models
- Track and determine financial status by analyzing actual results in comparison with forecasts
- Reconcile transactions by comparing and correcting data
- Gain and update job knowledge to remain informed about novelty in the field
- Consult with management to guide and influence long term and strategic decision making within the broadest scope
- Drive process improvement and policy development initiatives that impact the function

- Proven working experience as a Finance Analyst
– Proficient in spreadsheets, databases, MS Office and financial software applications
– Hands on experience with statistical analysis and statistical packages
– Outstanding presentation, reporting and communication skills
– Proven knowledge of financial forecasting and diagnosis, corporate finance and information analysis
– Well informed in current financial subjects, accounting, tax laws, money market and business environments
– BS degree in Finance, Economics or related field

Mes jums siūlome:
- Contribute to the development of an organization and realize your ideas
– Use privileges and achieve your goals with company support
– Participate in all corporate events, internal and external trainings
– Develop your career both in vertical and horizontal directions!
– Monthly salary (bruto) from 2400 €. Specific salary is offered based on work experience, competence, and compliance with other job requirements.

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