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UAB "Inlusion Netforms" (Vilnius)

Senior 3D designer

Inlusion Netforms is a vastly experienced company in the field of information technology business. By implementing innovative VR / AR solutions for private and public sectors, the company is successfully operating in Europe and Asia. In order to accelerate our existing activities and accomplish ambitious plans, we are expanding the team and looking for new members to join our highly-skilled team of professionals.
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UAB Inlusion Netforms yra ilgametę patirtį informacinių technologijų versle turinti tarptautinė įmonė, įsikūrusi Lietuvoje. Diegdama inovatyvius VR/AR sprendimus privataus bei viešojo sektorių atstovams, įmonė sėkmingai veikia Europoje ir Azijoje. Siekdami paspartinti esamą veiklą ir įgyvendinti ambicingus planus, plečiame komandą ir ieškome naujų specialistų.

More about the company / Daugiau apie įmonę:

Darbo pobūdis:
•Required work experience: 3-5 years
•We are inviting a professional 3D designer to work with virtual and augmented reality projects creation and lead the team of 3D designers.
•Sculpting of complex shapes, modelling of 3D objects by photo (references)
•Modelling and visualization of architectural sites
•Creation of textures for objects and various environments
•Texture baking, optimization
•Location creation
•Documentation and generating business ideas for new projects
•Visual art style choice for projects and implementation constant-improvement methodology
•Leading 3D development team and communicating technical documentation between developers

•A sound grasp of 3D Max or 3D Maya, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop
•The ability to convey the shape of an object while using minimum number of polygons;
•The understanding of the “correct topology” of the mesh (GT)
•The ability to model according to technical and architectural drawings
•Compliance with construction accuracy
•Attention to details and the sense of proportion
•confident modeling and texturing skills
•knowledge of the Unity3D engine;
•rich portfolio is a must

•Modelling experience and skills in Zbrush, MudBox;
•Visualization experience and skills in Vray, Corona, MentalRay
•Experience and skills in Substance Designer, Mari, Marvelous Designer
•Work experience with VR/AR projects
•Work experience as level designer
•Architectural or art education
•Experience in any 3D engine (GT)

Mes jums siūlome:
•Opportunity to participate in creation of hi-tech products,
•Convenient work schedule
•No dress code and company team buildings
•Modern office, pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff

Kandidatuokite čia:

1500–2000 Eur atskaičiavus mokesčius

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