Paskelbta: 2019-02-08

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UAB Distris (Kaunas)

Senior DevOps Engineer

Job description

We are looking for a senior level developer. The successful candidate would work on an API that calculates travel times to thousands of locations in a split second. She/He would join a remote DevOps team based in Kaunas alongside four other team members working on these projects.

Our Search API already processes more than a billion locations a month and has an average response time of 900 ms when sorting up to 1000 locations within a 3 hour travel time area. To return these results at scale we use Scala, AKKA and Play Framework


What we offer

The salary offered matches your experience, educational background, and job skills. We offer employee stock options, gym subscription and remote working with a flexible schedule. We also provide any equipment you would need for work. All this is possible as long as you are okay to work from around 10/11 am to 18/19 in GMT+2 and attend daily 11 am online stand-up meetings. We also have team gatherings in Kaunas office up to 3 times a year.


2200–3200 Eur atskaičiavus mokesčius

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